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Ways To Pay

We have set up a number of convenient ways for you to pay:

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To pay via EFT simply add the following beneficiary details

Account Name:  KnysnaON

Bank:  Nedbank

Account Type:  Cheque

Branch Code:  198765

Account Number:  113 807 1501

Always quote your customer code as a reference to ensure that we allocate your payment to your account

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Keyboard and Mouse

Debit Order

In order to pay via debit order you need simply complete our debit order mandate.

Debit Orders are run on the 1st and 4th of each month.

Please contact for the form.

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Scan to Pay

Scan to Pay is a convenienent payment system that works with your banking app.

Simply visit out offices, open your banking app and select your banking apps version of paying via QR Code.  Scan the code and follow the prompts.

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