Connect your home to our next generation network, our last mile options include Wireless, LaserNet Fibre, ADSL, MFN, SADV, Vumatel, Frogfoot, Clear Access and Openserve Fibre.

Home packages include truly uncapped internet allowing you to stream as much content as you please without the risk of being throttled.

In addition, our unique synchronous wireless connections offer the highest upload ratio of any ISP in town, making gaming, cloud backups, data calls and other upload services as easy as downloads are.

We also offer holiday home packages, allowing you to switch your internet on or off when you are at your Knysna home.

Wireless Connections rely on line of sight, contact us today for a free site survey.

Our free to use wi-fi router offers basic wi-fi coverage, depending on your home, you may need additional wi-fi access points to ensure complete coverage.  Our friendly sales team will provide you with a quotation, or, you may purchase your own from your favourite IT supply store.

We have a variety of home packages that depend on what we call the "last mile" which is how we connect you, this includes our wireless network, our fibre network and the other fibre networks listed above.



The ON Group has developed business packages with two main objectives; offer a reliable service and keep costs fixed on a monthly basis, meaning that your business gets 99.9% uptime and no surprise monthly bills.

What's more, we neither throttle your speed after a certain amount of data has been used, nor to we soft cap your business at any point, truly uncapped.

Our primary focus for all business connections is to provide a proper business connection to keep your business connected. To that end, our redundant backhaul lines will keep you connected at a reduced speed while our technicians carry out repairs.

As more business' are finding themselves migrating to cloud services for mail and file transfers, it has become a necessity for international bandwidth to match local bandwidth speeds, which is precisely what we offer.

We also offer VoIP Services which have proved to save our clients up to 40% on their monthly telephony costs.

We do offer 1:1 synchronous connections, pricing is available on request, please contact our friendly sales team at sales@knysnaon.co.za

All of the following prices exclude VAT