Home Wireless

We have been connecting clients via our wireless connections since for the past 15 years. 

When the rest of the world was offering a maximum of 2Mbps, we were connecting clients at 100Mbps.

We know speed and we know what people need.  Our contention is one of the lowest in the business at only 4:1 and, all packages are truly uncapped, meaning your speed won't be throttled because of high usage, the internet is there to be used and we encourage our clients to do so.

Our home wireless packages begin at 10Mbps, ideal for a  home with 2 internet users.  Our most popular package is 20Mbps for a home.

Installation fee is R1800 once off which includes a free to use wi-fi router.  We don't make you purchase our equipment, the installation covers the labour and consumables.  Therefore, the equipment remains our responsibility should repairs be required.

A site survey is required to ensure that we can connect you.

Download Speed
Upload Speed
Price Per Month
Wireless Uncapped 10
Up to 10Mbps
Up to 10Mbps
Wireless Uncapped 20
Up to 20Mbps
Up to 20Mbps
Wireless Uncapped 50
Up to 50Mbps
Up to 50Mbps