Introducing LTE-A - Low Cost/High Speeds

Great news, we now offer LTE-A packages in the above areas. What is LTE-A? It is a high speed network covering very specific areas (see maps above) What Packages Are Available? At the moment, only capped bundles are available, meaning that if you use up your data you will have to top up to continue using the internet. 25GB - R302 per month 55GB - R554 per month 85GB - R806 per month 120GB - R1008 per month 220GB - R1361 per month 330GB - R1613 per month What Is The Installation Cost? The installation is easy, it's plug and play. There is a router that you will need to purchase for R1614 once off. We will let you know when your router is ready and you may collect it from our offices i

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