KnysnaON Plans Launched - 4 April 2016


LaserNet, having successfully won the Knysna Municipality tender to roll out high-speed internet access to the area, have announced that the roll out of the R120 million Rand investment into the local economy will commence shortly. The project is to be known as “KnysnaON”

At an event held at Pezula Hotel last night, Ivan Bridgens, Chief Executive Officer of LaserNet, said “The LaserNet Group of companies are proud to be associated with a project that will provide economic upliftment to the Knysna Municipal area, not only in the form of job creation during the implementation phase of the project, but also from the automatic increase in business investment to the area” He went on to say “High speed travel brought about the global village in which we find ourselves, however, with the constantly evolving digital industry, people from all over the world interact with each other, without the need for travel. LaserNet has prided itself in being at the forefront of information sharing in South Africa, having introduced high-speed connectivity years ahead of our nearest competitors, this same spirit of being at the cutting edge of speed and technology will be no different for KnysnaON”

The launch comes but a few weeks ahead of breaking ground which will be announced by area in due course.

Services available to both home and business subscribers will include, Internet connectivity at speeds that have, thus far, not been available to Knysna, VoIP services which will save residents in the region of 40% of their monthly phone bills, video on demand offerings catering for streaming to the home or business. Security systems will also enjoy high speed, reliable connectivity, this is particularly relevant in a beautiful town that is host to many holiday homes, where owners will be able to monitor their property remotely. In addition, people in industries that cater to remote work facilitated by high-speed connectivity, for example, video post-production, web based services, like app design, will now be able to live and work in Knysna with the confidence of being able to share their work product with their clients.

Alan Otto, Chief Operations Officer of LaserNet said “Our operations team have been working tirelessly on the rollout plans, each suburb will be notified via Knysna Municipality’s communication mechanisms and the press as to when digging will take place in their area/street. Our plans include minimising road disruptions so as to ensure a faster deployment to the area. We will also update our social media pages, @KnysnaON, regularly in order to keep all informed of our progress”

LaserNet have set up a website which will be updated regularly, , please feel free to complete our no obligation client information form on the contact us page, so that we can keep you up to date and contact you with packages and prices when the fibre installation reaches your street.

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