KnynsaON Wifi Hotspot SwitchON

Knysna Municipality saw the switchON of the very first KnysnaON wifi hotspot, powered by LaserNet at Masifunde Library, Concordia on Friday 11 November.

LaserNet has a reputation for providing high-speed, uncapped internet to their clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and are delighted to be delivering the same service to all people in Knysna, residents and visitors alike.

LaserNet is extending their fibre optic project to wifi hotspots so as to enhance users’ home or business connections to ensure that they are connected at all times through a single internet subscription.

During the SwitchON ceremony, Mayoral Committee Member: Technical Services, Councillor Levael Davis said, “We all know that digital access is extremely costly in our country, and the digital divide between wealthy and poor communities has far-reaching consequences when it comes to education. For children in low-income schools districts, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the tech skills that are crucial for success in today’s economy.”

“I am so pleased that the Knysna Municipality has joined local municipalities throughout South Africa in helping our communities to access wireless networks not only for learning, but social communication and business activities.Having this hotspot here will enable people to connect to the world and enable them to communicate, transact, apply for jobs and start online businesses. This kind of connectivity creates global villages beyond the boundaries of a ward.”

Alan Otto, Chief Operations Officer of LaserNet explained the data usage options available to users. “What’s more, we believe that we are the first in South Africa to offer uncapped internet in a wifi environment. Users will each receive 250MB free of charge before upgrading to the uncapped connection.”

“When they subscribe to the uncapped option, they have a choice of signing up by the day, the week, fortnight or month, to completely uncapped internet. They can literally use as much data as they want and will not be cut off for the duration for which they have purchased access to the network,” Otto concluded.

The first wifi hotspot is located at Masifunde Library in Concordia as this area is the best topographical site to launch in the Northern areas. LaserNet super-fast fibre broad band will be rolled out in all the libraries and community halls in Greater Knysna.

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