KnysnaON Times Issue 1

You have internet from KnysnaON either via a wireless dish on your roof or a fibre cable, the term for this is “last mile connectivity” Wi-Fi is the distribution of that internet throughout your premises, this is your LAN network. The main reason why it’s important to know the difference is to understand who is responsible for what.


Wireless Dish

KnysnaON owns and manages the wireless dish on your premises as well as the network infrastructure that it connects to. This connection is therefore KnysnaON’s responsibility.

Fibre Line

KnysnaON is a reseller of fibre network operators like LaserNet and Openserve in Knysna. Fibre network operators only deal with the Internet Service Providers, if your fibre line is down you contact KnysnaON support, we do the necessary checks on our side and if we can’t resolve, we escalate to the fibre network operators. It’s important to know that the fibre network operators have service level agreements with all internet service providers that guarantee return to service after a maximum of 4 days on the home fibre network. While it hardly ever takes that long to repair a fault it can happen. When an outage is due to a fibre network operator line fault it means that all internet service providers are experiencing the same outage. What this means to you is that you would experience this downtime regardless of your choice of internet service provider.

Wi-Fi or LAN

Most internet service providers including KnysnaON, provide their clients with one free to use wi-fi router. The primary reason for p

roviding this router is to enable us to support the service that you have ordered. Much like the municipality provides a water meter for their services at your property. I use water services as an example to further explain LAN which I will do in just a moment.

The router provided has ports on it that allow you to connect at least three devices to it via a cable. It is recommended that all critical internet services such as wi-fi extenders, work computers and streaming devices are connected via these cable points.

It is the internet service provider’s responsibility to ensure that the services bought by you are delivered to this router.

Wi-Fi is an option on all of our routers and in most cases, the Wi-Fi provided by our routers is adequate for a variety homes. How

ever, there are some premises that require more than just the free to use router provided. In this instance it is necessary to get an IT company to assist you with more coverage within your premises.

Going back to the water analogy, the municipality provides water to your property and your plumber distributes the water throughout the premises. If you have a pipe burst inside your home you call the plumber not the municipality. The same applies to your Wi-Fi coverage. If the router provided by your Internet Service Provider is not providing Wi-Fi coverage to suit your needs there are a few rather helpful companies in Knysna who can assist you to resolve the issue. We have no formal relationship with any of these providers but have worked with them in the past and have found them to be extremely helpful.

If you need assistance with the LAN network in your premises be it for cables or Wi-Fi we recommend trying either IT Future for home connectivity or Networkwise for business premises. Both of them have the necessary expertise to help clients reach the full potential of their internet connection.

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