Welcome to The ON Group

You're just a few steps away from great Internet

We specialise in high speed, no-nonsense home and small business connectivity solutions.

Our holding company, LaserNet has been providing high speed connectivity for the past 15 years, while our subsidiary, KnysnaON has been offering home and small business connectivity for the past 4 years.

Due to popular demand, we have expanded out of the Knysna area to create The ON Group bringing our personalised service to the rest of the country.

If your address is not highlighted on our coverage map, or if you would prefer a sales consultation, please complete our Show My Interest Form and we will reach out to you to discuss your options.

Coverage Map

Step 1

Search for your address above. We have colour coded the various areas based on the type of internet (last mile) that is availalbe at your address.  If your address is not highlighted, contact us at info@knysnaON.co.za for to find out when your area will be covered. 

Based on the colour that your address is highlighted in, you may click on the colour below to see the packages available to you:

Yellow Areas are covered by The ON Group Wireless network

Blue areas are live LaserNet fibre areas.

Green areas are at pre-order stage (this means that the fibre rollout is underway and almost complete)

Dark purple areas are live Openserve fibre to the home areas.

Step 2

Select your package based on the last mile available and place your order.

Other colours indicate one of our many last mile providers, contact our sales team for more information related to your specific address at info@knysnaON.co.za

Coverage is site specific and subject to a site survey.